BWT bestsave M – Limescale Protectant Water Filter


The new BWT bestsave limescale protection pad provides the perfect basic limescale protection for all hot drinks machines with an integrated water tank. Thus, BWT bestsave – with its different product sizes – is perfect for use in practically all coffee machines, fully automatic coffee machines and compact vending machines.

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Whether it’s used at an office coffee station, in catering, in a bakery or in small cafes, BWT bestsave is always the simplest and most efficient solution for the optimum quality in the cup and the mug.

BWT bestsave pad made from non-woven fabric: high performance ion exchanger with integrated active charcoal filter and hygiene protection.

This water filter pouch is best supported with the following Bellezza Range:

– Bellezza Bellona
– Bellezza Francesca

Product: KS10I00A00