SAECO Eco Aqua Coffee Machine Water Filter (Brita Intenza+)


Saeco Eco Aqua Coffee Machine Water Filter (Brita Intenza+)

This water filter is a new and innovative water filtering system designed to suit Saeco machines which can use the INTENZA + by Brita. This 1 micron rated quality replacement filter eliminates lime and impurities present in the water supplied by the public service, thus adding extra protection to coffee machines.


If you want your coffee machine to continue to create great tasting coffee, then it is critical to use a water filter on a regular basis. The innovative technology used in this filter helps to reduce limescale build-up in the coffee machine to provide a longer machine life and an optimal performance of your Saeco espresso machine in terms of brewing pressure and temperature.

In addition to removing lime and metallic residue (such as copper and lead) which may be present in some domestic water pipes, the filter also reduces substances that can affect the flavour of the coffee, such as chlorine and chlorine-based compounds. The result is coffee with a natural and intense aroma and a rich and creamy foam.
This coffee machine filter is equipped with a unique system – a special mechanism that allows to adjust the filtration process to local water conditions to get the balanced composition of water for a truly exceptional espresso.

The Intenza+ replacement cartridge is suitable for use with the following machines: Bosch Benvenuto, Gaggia: Accademia, Brera, Unica, Platinum, Naviglio, Mavea Intenza, 1001711. Phllips Saeco: Saeco Lavazza a Modo, Exprela, Incanto, Saeco Nina, Saeco Odea, Saeco Primea, Poemia Manua CA70, 48, CA70, 00, CA6702, 00, CA670648, Royal Old and 011, Saeco Synthia, Saeco Talea, Saeco Xsmall, Saeco Xelsis, Spidem “My Coffee”