Jura CLARIS Smart Water Filter


The Jura CLARIS Smart Water Filter Cartridge ensures that the water in your coffee machine is clear, fresh, and clean. This filter reduces water hardness and removes unwanted sediments and chemicals in the water supply, ensuring your water is a high quality to produce delicious coffee.

The CLARIS Smart Filter prevents the build-up of limescale, as well as filtering out any heavy metals and substances that impair smell or taste, such as chlorine.


The CLARIS Smart filter has revolutionised water filtration and uses modern RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, allowing the coffee machine to continually monitor the filter.

This means that all required actions are detected by the machine automatically and are prompted for you. It will recognise when the filter has been inserted, activates automatically, and will continually collect information on the filter to alert the user when the filter capacity has been reached and needs replacing. The filter works according to the professional up-flow principle, filtering the exact amount of water required for each preparation, using the filter more efficiently.


– Designed to suit Z6 and E8 models with the I.W.S (Intelligent Water System)
– Prevents build-up of limescale


– Weight: 500g
– Colour: Grey