Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, but there are plenty of interesting facts about coffee that you may not know. Heres a list of 10 fascinating tidbits to increase your knowledge on this beloved beverage:

1. The inception date for coffee dates back as far as 1000 A.D., when it was discovered growing wild in Ethiopia and brewed by local people drinking it with animal fat during religious ceremonies.

2. Coffee beans aren‘t actually beans! They‘re seeds from cherries grown on small trees or shrubs found around tropical countries near the equator including South America, Central America, Africa and Southeast Asia making them technically berries instead!

3 .The first ever cupojoe made its debut at an Arabian wedding celebration way back in 1511 AD served up hot and sweetened with sugar cubes too boot!

4 .Brazil produces more than 1/3rd of all global exports today so if you enjoy espresso shots without fail every morning chances are they came from Brazilian farms originally before being roasted locally here stateside (or wherever else).

5 .In 1674 London became home to Europe‘s first commercialized café serving fresh cups o Joe directly off their own roaster right

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