TEMPT Caramel Syrup 750ml


This TEMPT caramel Syrup is a rich, creamy syrup made with real butter and cream that delivers the classic flavor of homemade caramel. Made from only natural ingredients including cane sugar, glucosefructose syrup, water, sweetened condensed milk (milk solids), salt and vanilla extract it has no artificial flavors or preservatives for an amazing taste! Enjoy on ice cream sundaes or pancakes to add some sweetness in your life.


TEMPT Caramel Syrup is a delicious and authentic 750ml syrup, made from natural ingredients. With its rich flavor of Madagascar Bourbon caramel beans blended with cane sugar, this syrup brings out the best in any culinary creation! Enjoy it as an accompaniment to desserts or breakfast dishes for added sweetness and depth. It‘s also great for adding extra flavor to coffee drinks like lattes or cappuccinos without being overly sweet. So go ahead Tempt yourself today!