Sunbeam Electric Fryware Probe TC0510


The Sunbeam Electric Fryware Probe TC0510 is ideal for cooking a range of dishes, including meat, fish, vegetables, and more, and it is easy to use and clean after each use. With its high-quality construction and reliable performance, the Sunbeam Electric Fryware Probe TC0510 is an essential tool for any home chef or professional cook who wants to create delicious and perfectly-cooked dishes every time they cook.

Genuine Sunbeam Electric Fryware Probe- suitable for Sunbeam Frypans & Skillets.

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The Sunbeam Electric Fryware Probe TC0510 is a versatile and reliable tool for cooking a variety of dishes with ease. This electric fryware probe features a high-quality construction that ensures lasting durability and exceptional performance. It is designed to fit a wide range of Sunbeam electric fryware models and features a simple plug-in design that makes it easy to use and install. The probe is highly precise when it comes to temperature control, ensuring that your food is cooked to perfection every time. This feature helps to eliminate the guesswork involved in cooking and gives you more control over the temperature and cooking time. The Sunbeam Electric Fryware Probe TC0510 also features an easy-to-read digital display that shows you the temperature of your fryware, making it easy to monitor the progress of your cooking without opening the lid.

To suit:

Frypans:: 9925, RCC, RCG, FP102, FP112, FP130, FP140, FP150, FP220, FP223, FP234, FP241, FP242, FP250, FP4500, FP4600, FP4610, FP6510, FP6700, FP6710, FP7600, FP7700, FP7800, FP7820, FP7900, FP8400, FP8600, FP8610, FP8910,

Pack Ups: FS249, FS260, PU4300, PU6500

Skillets: SKF, SKG, SK009, SK012, SK6410, SK7500