Rhino Coffee Gear 58mm Dosing Ring


Black 58mm Dosing Ring


The Rhino Coffee Gear 58mm Dosing Ring is a musthave for coffee aficionados. Designed to fit most commercial espresso grinders, this dosing ring features an adjustable depth of 0 to 10 millimeters and a unique locking mechanism that allows you to easily adjust the dose size without having to recalibrate your grinder. With its superior build quality and precision engineering, the dosing ring ensures accurate doses every time.

Made from durable aluminum alloy for maximum strength and reliability, the dosing ring has an intuitive design that makes it easy to use. The ergonomic handle gives you better control over your grinds while also providing extra leverage when tamping down ground coffee into portafilters or other vessels. It also has a textured antislip surface so you can maintain a secure grip on the handle even with wet hands or when wearing gloves.

Whether used in home kitchens or professional cafes, the Rhino Coffee Gear 58mm Dosing Ring provides consistent results at all times thanks to its high level of accuracy and precision engineering. Its sleek black finish adds style points too! So if youre looking for a reliable way to get perfect doses each time, then this is definitely worth checking out!