Quick Mill Sirio Home Compact Coffee Grinder


Quick Mill Sirio Home Compact Coffee Grinder

The Quick Mill Sirio Home Compact Coffee Grinder is the perfect grinding solution for any coffee enthusiast. This grinder utilizes a 50mm flat burr set to ensure consistent and accurate grinds of your favorite beans, from fine espresso powder all the way up to coarse French pressstyle grounds. With its stepless micrometric adjustment system you can easily adjust between very small incremental steps allowing precision control over your desired grind size with ease! The Sirio also features an easy push button interface that allows you to choose either manual or timed one touch operation plus it comes equipped with a durable metal portafilter holder so there‘s no need to worry about spillage during use. Enjoy café quality brews at home with this compact but powerful electric grinder today!

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Input Voltage: 110V120V/60Hz

Hopper Capacity: 300g (10.6 oz)

Burrs Diameter : 58mm conical steel burr set

Grind Adjustment Step Size : 20 micro steps from Turkish fine to Coarse grind settings

Motor Power Rating : 150 W DC motor with electronic speed control for consistent grinding in all conditions, no heat build up over time or during operation .

Bean Hopper Lid Design Type : Airtight hinged lid design prevents beans from spilling out and keeps them fresh longer.

Dimensions & Weight Dimensions(LxWxH): 8 x 6 x 14“; Net weight 2.5kgs