Introducing QUAMAR NEMO-Q ELECTRONIC GRINDER, the little pet coffee grinder with professional technology designed to meet the needs of home users.

The new HOME coffee grinder features an innovative design created in collaboration with a renowned Italian studio specialising in kitchen and home decor items. With its rounded and comfortable shapes, it‘s perfect for any modern kitchen setting!

NemoQ stands out from other grinders thanks to its unrivalled simplicity of use all you need is an extremely efficient colour touchscreen display that makes grinding your own beans easy as can be. Whether youre after a single or double dose, manual or automatic settings NemoQ has got it covered so you can enjoy barista quality espresso at home anytime without having to worry about fussing over complex settings every time.

The aluminium body ensures durability while ABS bottom plate and front support offer superior stability even when using heavy doses of ground coffee; plus step by step range from 0,01 mm per degree make sure each cup tastes just right! Perfect for those who want precise control over their daily caffeine fix but don‘t have much counter space available get ready for deliciousness whenever the mood strikes!

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• Burr type Ø 54 mm, designed for foodfriendly processing

Voltage: 110120 V 50/60 Hz, 350 W; 220240 V 50/60 Hz, 330 W

R.P.M.: 1400/min. (50 Hz), 1600/min. (60 Hz)

Suggested daily production: up to 1,5 kg

Suggested uses: espresso, moka, filter, V60

Dose system

Grinding adjustment: step by step with a range of 0.01 mm per degree

Material: aluminium body + ABS bottom plate and frontal display holder

Standard hopper capacity: 250 g

Dimensions: 130 x 230 x 360h mm

Weight: 6kgs

Available to order in NEMOQ/E electronic colours: dull white/dull bluegray, bluegray/dull black, dull white/dull black, dull bluegray, dull black, polished aluminium/dull black