Latte Pro Milk Jug – Stainless Steel – 600ml


Latte Pro Milk Jug – Stainless Steel – 600ml


Make perfect frothy coffees, cappuccinos and lattes with this Latte Pro Milk Jug. Constructed from stainless steel for superior strength and lasting conditioning, the durable 600ml jug is ideal for any drinks enthusiast looking to recreate caféstyle beverages in their own kitchen or coffee shop! The matte black handle provides optimal grip while pouring your milk creations into cups or glasses a necessity when making professional latte art like hearts and ferns.


1. Durable stainless steel construction for long lasting performance and easy cleaning

2. Ergonomic handle provides comfortable grip for ease of use when preparing your favorite latte recipes with precision control over consistency, temperature and density

3. Doublelayer vacuum insulation helps to keep milk hot or cold longer so that you can enjoy perfect lattes anytime of the day!

4. Simplified spout design makes steaming & pouring accurate while preventing dripping which keeps worktops clean during preparation time

5 . Tough anticorrosion silicone seal along jug lid help prevent any unpleasant odours from permeating into milk

6 . Comes equipped with an ultrafine 360° adjustable frothing nozzle designed specifically optimise Latte art results