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The ECM Mechanika Max is a high-quality espresso machine that is perfect for coffee enthusiasts who are looking for a professional-grade machine that delivers exceptional coffee every time. With its advanced brewing technology and premium features, this machine is an investment in rich and delicious espresso for years to come.



The ECM Mechanika Max is an exceptional espresso machine that offers professional-level features and exceptional performance. This machine is designed to deliver the perfect shot of espresso every time, with a powerful motor and advanced brewing technology that ensures consistent flavor and aroma. The ECM Mechanika Max features a sleek and modern design that looks incredible in any kitchen or coffee shop, with a polished stainless steel case and ergonomic controls that make it easy to use. The machine comes with advanced brewing features, including a high-quality E61 brew group that ensures precise temperatures and delivers superior flavor extraction. The ECM Mechanika Max features a larger boiler capacity than other machines in its class, allowing for more consistent and efficient brewing. The dual-manometer also allows you to monitor both boiler and pump pressure with ease, ensuring you always have the perfect shot.

– Brew temperature control with three settings, directly set the ideal brewing temperature

– Automatic on/off timer function – Flush Advisor alerts when brew water temperature is too high, removing guesswork

– Simple to operate

– Ability to adjust brew temperature and boiler temperature

– Warning for when cleaning is required

– Adjustable pre-infusion with active and passive options

– Range of convenient and user-friendly smart features via the PID controller

– High-end ECM brew group with innovative stainless steel design

– Removable cup warming tray for easy access to water tank

– Quiet rotary pump – Switchable from water tank to fixed water connection

– Professional quick steam and hot water lever valves

– Larger pressure gauges for easy monitoring

– 2 ergonomically angled ECM portafilters with weight-balanced shape and angled grip