Cafetto Evo – 500g


The Cafetto Evo – 500g is a powerful espresso machine cleaner designed to remove coffee oils, grounds, and stains with its rapidly soluble and free-rinsing formulation. It is biodegradable, odorless, non-GMO, and free from phosphates and chlorine, making it eco-friendly and safe for use. This non-corrosive cleaner comes with a measuring scoop to ensure accurate dosing and protects your machine while enhancing the taste and aroma of your espresso. With easy-to-follow instructions for cleaning group heads, the Cafetto Evo – 500g makes espresso machine cleaning an effortless task, leaving your machine sparkling clean and ready to brew.


Cafetto Evo – 500g

EVO® is a fast-acting espresso machine cleaner that removes coffee oils, grounds, and stains, enhancing the taste and aroma of espresso. Its biodegradable, odorless, and non-corrosive formulation safeguards the machine and is free from phosphates and chlorine. The package comes with a measuring scoop for precise dosing.

To clean the group heads, replace the coffee filter with a “blind” filter, add one scoop of EVO, and run the cycle several times following the instructions. Finally, rinse and re-season the machine with a single espresso shot.