Bruer Coffee Vault – Black


The Bruer Coffee Vault is the ultimate coffee storage solution for keeping your favorite coffees fresh and flavorful. It‘s sleek black design looks great on any countertop, while its airtight seal ensures that each cup of joe you brew will be as delicious as it was when you first opened the bag. Perfect for avid athome baristas or just someone who wants to keep their beans fresher longer!


The Bruer Coffee Vault Black is a great way to store your coffee beans and keep them fresh. The airtight seal of the vault locks in flavor, aroma and oils while keeping out moisture that can lead to staleness or offflavors. Its sleek design looks good on any countertop, making it an attractive piece for both style and function. This black colorway will add sophistication to every kitchen with its matte finish exterior surface complemented by stainless steel accents at the handle‘s hinge points as well as along each side paneling accentuating smooth lines throughout this premium storage solution from Bruer .