Mozzafiato has taken features directly from the Rocket Espresso commercial range. A sleek solid pair of cast alloy flat sided panels on the Mozzafiato model now increases Rockets domestic range to an impressive new line-up and offering.

  1. A prosumer machine with commercial grade build quality
  2. Available in two options either vibration pump or rotary pump model
  3. Easily accessible PID control for boiler pressure and direct brew temperature adjustments.
  4. E61 Group and thermosyphon system to deliver optimal flavours for espresso.
  5. Insulated wrapped boilers with 9mm brass end plates for thermal performance and stability.
  6. A streamline finish with cast alloy side panels a unique feature on this domestic model
  7. Built-in Shot Timer


Technical Specifications:

  • Heavy cast alloy flat sided panels
  • E61 style chrome plated brass group head is 4.05 kg
  • Lever activation for espresso
  • Boiler 1.8 Litre Heat Exchange
  • Mozzafiato V with vibration pump and will source water from internal reservoir
  • Mozzafiato R with rotary pump and ability to source water from internal reservoir or connect to mains water supply.
  • Boiler pressure control via PID logic
  • 2.5L water reservoir
  • Cool touch steam assembly
  • 10 amp/ 1200 watts
  • Mozzafiato V Dimensions (w x d x h) mm: 274 x 425 x 360
  • Weight: 25.4 kg
  • Mozzafiato R Dimensions (w x d x h) mm: 280 x 425 x 400
  • Weight: 30.2 kg
  • Built-in Shot Timer

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Rotary, Vibration